SketcheS – by Andrew Burns Colwill

SketcheS – by Andrew Burns Colwill

Incorporating small sculptures of gold false teeth and sunglasses Andrew Burns Colwill’s work is taking a new surreal turn in his latest show ‘SketcheS’. 

‘SketcheS’ is Bristol artist Andrew Burns Colwill’s latest exhibition starting at Bocabar Bristol from 24 July. In this unique show people will be able to see a collection of his latest works together with a number of work in progress sketches ahead of his London show later in the year. “It is a great opportunity to show some new work and give people an insight into the process of how I produce my pieces.” 

AndrewAs well as his characteristic soak stain paintings he is also including some small sculptures featuring gold false teeth and sunglasses, one of the new paintings is called ‘Charlie’s Square Mile’. “The work in this show explores the ‘falseties’ in society – some we need like gold teeth and some we don’t like substance abuse.” Sunglasses have been a theme in his work for some time “For me they represent the way society is refusing to see the realities around us whether that be political, environmental or sociological.” On the direction of his latest works he added “My work is taking a different, more surreal turn in this exhibition. It is how I see the world”. 

Andrew is one of the original Bristol street artists predating Banksy by some years. “I was painting on walls when you could only buy spray paint in garages.” However there is not a spray can in sight as he is known for his classical soak stain technique with all his work done with brushes and rollers. Andrew is probably best known for his critically acclaimed Artic Scream from last year’s Upfest. “I was humbled by people’s reaction to my work last year. People loved it, and it had the reaction I wanted”. Environmental concerns have been a running theme in Andrew’s work. ”When Donald Trump got into power and Theresa May and the whole Brexit thing started I thought ‘I can’t live in the way this world is going’, I didn’t really want to put any political viewpoints across but what I did want to do was to say something about making the planet as safe as possible for our grandchildren.” 

Andrew’s most recent private commission ‘Easton’ in Devon Road received much acclaim by the community and street art enthusiasts alike. “It was a big piece to do, but even I didn’t know what it would look like when the scaffolding came down. We were all pleased that it worked”. The 

commissioner of the wall wanted to celebrate the community in Easton and she was inspired by the Grand Iftar Street Celebrations in St Mark’s Road earlier in the year. “It is about people breaking bread together, having conversations and living together with very little trouble.” 

‘SketcheS’ is at Tuesday 24 July though till 9 September 2018 The Boccabar, PAINTWORKS, Bath Road, ArnosVale, Bristol BS4 3EH