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Equenergy: Horse & Human in Harmony has been operating in its current form for over two years now.  Robyn is passionate about supporting people and their horses to achieve greater health and wellbeing.  Using a range of approaches including stress releasing techniques, diet and lifestyle she will help you to explore ways to support balance and harmony both for your body and for your life as a whole.

This is what some people have said after working with Robyn:

“I feel privileged to have met Robyn and been her client. I had recently stopped smoking and was generally feeling at a low ebb, drained emotionally and physically.  Robyn’s healing in those four sessions helped me so much to restore emotional and physical confidence. During and after each cathartic session, I was left with an inner glowing feeling of self worth.”


Thank you so much Robyn for all that you did.
I recommend Robyn wholeheartedly.”


“If anyone knows of any horse owners or someone that is thinking of getting a horse, I can honestly say you really need to get Robyn involved in this whole process. She has such a wealth of experience and ethical way of working, it would even benefit the most experienced of horse owners. … She is so passionate and is now offering workshops and weekend courses in collaboration with some other amazing people.”


If you are currently experiencing any areas of your life in which you feel stuck, Robyn will give you the time and space to explore these at your own pace enabling you to find solutions that work for you.

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To find out more, please contact Robyn: robyn@equenergy.com / 07980 669303






Ratcliffe Drive, Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS34 8UD Bristol
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