Hypnotherapy and Your Lifestyle

Are you personally living the lifestyle you imagined and want?

Are you frustrated and disappointed that you are not?

Let hypnotherapy help you. 


As defined by The Cambridge English Dictionary. “Someone’s way of living; the things that a person or particular group of people usually do.”

Philip Purser of Clifton Down Hypnotherapy gives us the lowdown on now hypnotherapy can fit in, and enhance, your lifestyle.

Your profession, wealth, health or marital status are some of the things that will decide your lifestyle but often it is you yourself and your mind set which are limiting you. Hypnotherapy can help release you from the prison of established thought patterns and behaviour, give you another perspective, and shed light on yourself to yourself.

Why not try something new?

You may be royalty, a rock star, a politician, or a film star but most of us have more humble jobs in offices, in schools on a building site or on railways, etc. Your main role may be as a parent or unpaid carer, something which is often not valued by others. Whatever your role, it is important that you perform it to the best of your ability for your own satisfaction and maybe for others around you who depend on you. Maybe you want to do something else but don’t have the confidence to take the plunge.

HypnotherapyChange is difficult to achieve if you a plagued with irrational quirks in your personality.

For example you may have anxiety and low self-esteem.

You may fear some of the ordinary things in life like going to parties, meeting people, going to the dentist or receiving medical treatments. You may live in fear of injections, snakes or spiders. More severely just functioning in a busy world may be beyond you. Many people take these ‘normal’ things in their stride but others are more sensitive. In the work place you may fear that difficult phone call or that presentation. All these things can prevent you from living your life to the full.

Depression or low mood is another inhibitor. You may have negative way of looking at life while others are cheerful.

You may lack confidence while others around you seem very sure of all they do.

You may not sleep well at night and wake up exhausted while others appear refreshed.

You may have a fear of flying which limits you and your family’s holiday choices and enjoyment of free time.

You may have anger issues which make you unapproachable to your friends and family or even worse in your job, therefore threatening your job security and advancement.

You may have weight problems which can damage your health and your self-esteem.

There is a list of about 200 possible conditions which limit lifestyle and enjoyment of life. Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool for dealing with these conditions and bringing about positive changes.

You may be thinking: ‘Yes, OK, but hypnotherapy is not cheap so why would I want to spend that amount of money on 6-10 expensive sessions?’

Well, let’s look at the problem of low mood and depression alone. You could have a modest holiday on the money which would cheer you up. However a holiday is only a short term solution. A holiday is not forever. You have to come back and face real life. You could fritter the money on other temporary mood lifting solutions such as new clothes, cakes and treats or alcohol. Hypnotherapy on the other hand is GREAT because it can change your suffering long term.

As regards to anger the hypnotherapy will improve your relationships and possibly your job prospects.

I will leave you to decide the social and financial benefits of changing other self destructive behaviour patterns.

Hypnotherapy works by allowing you to change established negativity. It’s not magical. You have to cooperate with the therapist to achieve your goals. It will improve your lifestyle and help you function optimally, in this way giving you more energy to live your life, chase your goals and achieve satisfaction and prosperity. If you have a motor car which is not functioning properly and you don’t fix it, it will eventually break down. In the same way if you don’t fix your mind at the core, you will never be on the road to being the person you want to be.

For more information, please contact Philip Purser on 07920 520 688 or visit his website.