Get fit and try a variety of fitness classes with ClassPass, for just £9 for three months!

Yes, you read correctly. ClassPass, the fitness membership is offering Bristolians the ultimate introductory offer. You can join for 90 days for just £9.

Yes, nine little British pounds!

That’s £3 per month for everyone in Bristol. So, are you ready to get your sweat on?

ClassPassWe know it’s that time when the January resolutions begins to slip down the list, the regular gym visits start to dwindle and you’d rather eat the cake than get knee deep in squats.

Well, why not try a ClassPass membership? We offer the best in boutique fitness all over Bristol so you can get fit, de-stress and ultimately have fun. Sounds lush, right?!

ClassPass offers you classes you’ll love and places you want to go and it has recently launched here in Bristol. Get ready to revolutionise your fitness regime!

With this membership, you can switch it up from the treadmill and try a 45-minute HIIT session, or if you feel like unwinding after a stressful day at work, pop into Pilates – the choice is yours. Whether that’s The Box’s signature Box ‘n’ burn class or a BEATS ride session at Rox Life, this membership is guaranteed to keep you motivated with the variety of classes.

With ClassPass it can be “new year, same you, but new membership” and with this introductory offer for 90 days for just £9, you can keep the active 2019 vibes going! Sign up from 11th February and work out where you can live and love your best active life. Pass us the weights!

For further information and to read more about this endorphin-tastic offer, check out their website