COVID-19 Will Not Beat Us!

COVID-19 will not beat us – looking after our mental wellbeing is crucial in these challenging times.

Sharon Dyke, a local Solution Focused Hypnotherapist (SFH) embraces technology in her Taunton based clinic.

Sharon says, “I’m a bit of a technophobe, but given the challenges we face currently, I have had to get creative to ensure my clients still get the support they need.” She says, “Despite the concerns, research consistently shows that online treatment can be very effective for many mental health issues.” She adds, “A 2014 study published in Behaviour Research and Therapy found that online therapy was effective in treating anxiety disorders.”

Image of a woman crying during COVID-19

Sharon tells us how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is easily accessible to all those who wish to use it. She says, “Online therapy overcomes barriers that may preclude others from seeking therapy.” For example, people with limited abilities or living in rural or remote areas where there are no therapeutic services, can benefit from the accessibility of online treatment.

Sharon also says, “Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also be effective in encouraging children and teenagers to receive therapy, as they seem to be more comfortable with using the internet.”

Sharon adds, “Online therapy is convenient.” She says, “Both the therapist and the client have the convenience of working with each other at a range of times.” Adding “This style of therapy can take away the hassle of scheduling and setting appointments more common in traditional settings.” This also creates an opportunity for Sharon to extend her services to more clients as appointments can be potentially scheduled over 24 hours and reach a larger geographical region.

Sharon says, “People who are ambivalent about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy or who may be uncomfortable with traditional models of therapy, may find online treatment more suitable.” Adding, “Online therapy is often preferred by people who are uncomfortable with talking face to face about their problems or who are suffering from social phobias, agoraphobia or anxiety disorders.”

Sharon also believes on line Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be effective in eliminating social stigma associated with receiving therapy. She says, “Online Solution Focused Hypnotherapy allows access to such services in private, without having to visit her in the clinic, this reduces the risk of being seen going into a therapeutic setting.” She adds, “Because of this, online Solution Focused Hypnotherapy clearly does offer the client a degree of anonymity that may reduce such social stigma and therefore prompt people to seek assistance when they might otherwise have hesitated.”

Sharon offers treatment through most online platforms. She also confirms, “My priority is to continue working with my clients, whilst conforming to government guidelines, insurance expectations and GDPR requirements.

Sharon is a fully-qualified and insured senior hypnotherapy practitioner and member of the CNHC, a voluntary regulator for supplementary therapies. Sharon is also a senior supervisor supporting practitioners across the country, and a senior lecture with Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training, teaching other like-minded people to join one of the country’s fastest growing models of therapeutic interventions.

If you are struggling with your mental health during COVID-19 or want to find out more please visit Sharon’s website or you can contact her directly to book a consultation on 07766250113.