80 Pupils Perform In Junior Production Of Arabian Nights

Kingswood School

In suitably warm, sultry weather conditions, 80 pupils were involved in last week’s Junior production of Arabian Nights.

These included Year 9 ‘core’ Drama pupils, who entertained the audience as they arrived with performances of street theatre – created with the help of the Natural Theatre company.

The cast then impressed almost full houses with their evocative storytelling and slick physical ensemble work.

Stories ranged from the well-known ‘Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves’ to the less familiar ‘Envious Sisters’, from the comic ‘The Little Beggar’ to the gruesome ‘The Wife Who Wouldn’t Eat’.

Kingswood School

A range of theatrical devices were used to bring the tales to life – including Bunraku and shadow puppetry in ‘The Story of Es Sindibad’ and whole cast choral speaking in ‘How Abu Hassan Broke Wind’.

Mrs Nash, Mr Harding & Mrs Ward would like to congratulate the whole cast and all the crew on creating an excellent show and thank them all for their hard work.

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